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          Welcome to the Frequently Answered Questions page!  Being that Tagsaler is such a unique system, this complete guide has been drafted to answer questions about Tagsaler.  If the answer to your question is not in this guide, e-mail us through this link and we will answer you directly.

          Keep in mind that 10% of all profits will be donated to Cancer Research and Awareness and 5% will be donated to researching Green Energy!!     Enjoy!!

  Contents: (alphabetical)
     Bargain Alert
     Feedback System
     Posting Capacity

What is Bargain Alert??
Bargain Alert is a Free benefit Tagsaler offers to notify you of any upcoming postings that fit specfic item criteria you choose.

How does it work?
Click the "Bargain Alert" button on the leftside of the HeadQuarters to begin.
  Choose the length of time to be notified and the category you wish to be notified of.
   Check the box of at least two of the three criteria available. If you choose keyword search, type in all keywords you want us to search for in upcoming postings. Be specific to receive more targeted results.   For either of the other two options, just click the selection bar and choose the values you wish.
     Click "Create Bargain Alert"

     Created Bargain Alerts will display on the bottom half of the page under the header: "Current Bargain Alerts."
    You can renew individual bargain alerts for 10 days by clicking "Renew" on the far right. Clicking "Remove" will permanently remove that bargain alert.

How will I know when an item is posted that matches my Bargain Alert?
Two circled exclamation points will blink on either side of the Bargain Alert button in your Headquarters.
      In the "Current Bargain Alert" section of the Bargain Alert page, the new posting will be shown underneath its description.
     Click the name or picture to view the full post.  Keep or remove this alert at will.

What costs and fees are associated with
Registration: FREE   Item-Posting: 10 Items INCLUDED    Transaction Fee: NONE   Monthly/Yearly Fee: NONE

     Seriously.  It's all free!  Tokens are earned by being active on Tagsaler (check out the Incentivitory in the footer or Headquarters to learn how). 

     Also, You can feel safe knowing that no personal financial information ever enters Tagsaler from a user or leaves Tagsaler to a user.

What are Tokens for?
Tokens can be used to:

   Increase Posting Capacity or;
    Unlock a seller's contact information in order to negotiate or ask questions about an item for sale

How many Tokens does it cost to unlock a post?
All individual posts cost (1) Token to unlock.
      After unlocking a seller's post, you can unlock the rest of their current selling inventory for (5) Tokens.
     Current inventory is permanently unlocked, but any new items that seller posts will need to be manually unlocked to view.
     The amount of items they are posting is shown on any of their item's listing page.

How many Tokens does it take to increase Posting Capacity?
There are three options to increase your Posting Capacity:

  1)  1 Token adds 2 more items to your Posting Capacity
  2) 2 Tokens add 5 more items to your Posting Capactiy
  3) 3 Tokens add 10 more items to your Posting Capacity

    To increase your Posting Capacity, visit the Token Trading Post and click the corresponding radio button for the package. Tap the adjacent Green Plus Sign.
    Tagsaler will instantly deduct the appropriate amount of your Tokens and permanently award your extra capacity.

How do I get more Tokens?
Tokens must be earned!  For all the different ways to earn them, check out the Incentivitory on the bottom right or in the Headquarters (button is in the middle of the top or bottom of the page. 

When can I leave feedback?
A few days after a buyer unlocks a seller's contact information, the buyer is given the opportunity to leave Feedback for the seller.
       Once the buyer has left Feedback for the seller, the seller is then given the chance to score the buyer.

      Note: You can only score another user once per month regardless of how many postings you unlock.

How do I leave feedback?
Click the "Feedback Forum" button from the HeadQuarters.
       The bottom half of the page shows the feedback queue, where all the Buyers and Sellers you can leave feedback for are displayed.
         Click a name to score that user.

How does the scoring system work?
There are four qualities on which each Tagsaler can be scored.

  1)  Responsiveness - How punctual another user is in his or her transaction with you - if there was no communication made, scroll to the bottom of the scorecard and click the "Unhappy Face."  If there was communication, continue.
  2) Honesty - The level of honesty the other user showed during your transaction
  3) Pleasantness - How pleasant was the other user?
  4) Overall - All things considered, rate this transaction from 1-10 (counts for double).

What do the ratings mean?
Responsiveness, Honesty and Pleasantness can all receive a maximum score of (5) from each user.
      Overall Experience can receive up to (10) points.
     The higher the score in individual categories, the more that quality was shown during your dealings.  Combined, the highest score is 25.
      A letter grade is assigned to each total rating - A, B, C, D & F - like school...

What's in it for me if I leave feedback?
There are two immediate benefits to leaving thorough feedback:

  1)  You earn 2 s for every 50 Tagsalers you score
  2) Assigning honest scores will urge other users to score you appropriately.
     Assuming you are strong in your transactions, other Tagsalers will be more encouraged to deal with you.

What is the Headquarters?
This is where it all happens!  Where other websites operate from a "Home Page", the Headquarters (HQ) is Tagsaler's main page.  Every main feature of Tagsaler stems from the HQ - Bargain Alert, Feedback, Profiles, Items You're Selling, and Items You've Unlocked - among others.
     Important stats are shown in the HQ such as Token balance, number of Items Posted out of your Posting Capacity, Feedback Rating, and the number of times other people have viewed your items since last logging in.
      The HQ is also where any updates or announcements are posted.

      * You can find a link to the Headquarters at the top and bottom of every page *

Ummm, Incentivitory??  Is that even a word?
The Incentivitory is a great opportunity to exploit efficient ways to benefit from Tagsaler's Free Token System.
     Find the Incentivitory in the HQ or Token Trading Post.

What are the best methods to take advantage of this system?
::Enter imagination and creativity::  The opportunities are endless... See for yourself!

How does "Somethings For Nothing" work?
Everytime you unlock a seller's post, you have a good chance to unlock it for Free, or even WIN ADDITIONAL TOKENS!
      Simply click the "Unlock For 1 " button to see if you're an instant winner!
      (Don't worry - even if you aren't an instant winner, you are still a winner )

What is the "Refer-a-Friend" bonus?
For every three friends you successfully encourage to register, you will automatically receive two bonus s.

How do I use Refer-a-Friend?
There is a field on the Registration page that asks if "Anyone has referred you to Tagsaler."
  Your friend will enter your username in the supporting box. (This is not case sensitive)
    You can check which friends have successfully used you as a referral in the Incentivitory (from the HQ)

What is "Fun With Feedback"?
Easy one! For everyone 10 Tagsalers you score, you will automatically be awarded one .
      Check out your HQ, Incentivitory or Feedback Forum to see how many people you scored.

What is the "Hot Product Award"?
This is a bonus to promote descriptive and attractive posts.  Tagsaler automatically tracks the amount of times each of your postings are viewed and unlocked on the 'Items I'm Selling' page.
       When any of your items becomes unlocked for the fourth time, you will automatically be awarded 1 .

      So spread the word - the more people unlock your posting, the more you earn!

      Check out your the 'Item's I'm Selling' button on your Headquarters to see the activity of your items.

What is the "Super Seller Stimulus" bonus?
For every three items you post that have full descriptions, customer pictures and are set up professionally, you will earn one .

    Please remove your item if it sells early though.  You don't want to be annoyed by extra phone calls or unwanted e-mail.  Thanks!

Will Tagsaler run any new offers?
Definitely! As the site grows, so do the opportunities.
       Your help is greatly appreciated in growing Tagsaler!

What is "Items I'm Selling" good for?
This is an easy way manage inventory.
       This inventory page shows the amount of items you are currently listing and your Posting Capacity.
      It also displays assorted information about your items, organizable by "Date Posted" - fiddle with the green arrow.

How do I see how many users have viewed or unlocked my postings?
Here! There is an entire column in "Items I'm Selling" devoted to tracking the exposure of your item.
       The number on the left is the amount that people have unlocked your post after viewing it (the # on right)
      Click the first number to see which users have unlocked it.
       From this screen, click any name to view their profile and learn more about that user.

How do I manage my inventory?
After clicking the "Items I'm Selling" button, there are two options to manage your inventory.
       Both options are listed in the "Action" column.

  1)  You can edit any posting in your inventory by clicking the "Edit" link
  2) You can remove any posting if you have sold it or to make room for other items by clicking the "Delete" link

      Manage your inventory efficiently and you won't need to spend Tokens on extra Posting Capacity!

What is the purpose of "Items I've Unlocked"?
This saves all posts you have unlocked until the seller removes it.
       This can be helpful later that day after logging out or the next day or in two weeks if negotiations linger.
      It's especially helpful, because this is a log of only the posts that most interest you.
       Click the "Picture" or "Title" of any post to review the full post and see their contact information.

What is "Posting Capacity"??
Your Posting Capacity refers to the amount of posts you can run at once.
       This does not mean that since you start with a 10 item Posting Capacity, you only have 10 posts until you need to buy more.
      This original 10 item Capacity refers to your ability to have 10 items posted at any time.

      Example: If you post 3 gadgets, 5 movies and 2 items of clothing, your original Posting Capacity is maxed out. (10/10)

    When someone buys one of your movies, delete that movie through "Items I'm Selling" to free up a slot, allowing you to post a new item. (9/10)

        Note: Your Capacity will never decrease

How do I increase my Posting Capacity?
The only way to increase Capacity right now is to purchase more slots at the Token Trading Post.
      Click the radio button that corresponds with the amount of extra slots you want to purchase (2, 5 or 10) and click the Green Plus Sign to complete the transaction.

        Note: Tokens are required to increase capacity

    These additional slots can be profitable if you have a lot of items to sell!

     * Stay tuned for new opportunities in the Incentivitory to earn Free additional Posting Capacity.

What is the strategy for managing my Posting Capacity efficiently?
Strategy on Tagsaler depends on your style, but here are some quick suggestions:

  Delete posts once completing a sale.
      Not only will this free up slots for more items, but it will cease unwanted e-mails or phone calls concerning your sold item.  Also it's just a very nice thing to do, so that other people won't sit around wondering why no one is responding to them.
  Only feature the top 10 items you want to sell.
      You may need to remove certain items to make room for others
  Purchase more Capacity at the Token Trading Post, so you can easily list all the items you have for sale.

When are Profiles used?
There are two main uses for Profiles:

  The first is for automatic information supply in forms when you list items, contact Tagsalers or make searches:

    Tagsaler's goal is to make this experience as easy and efficient as possible for you.
     Therefore, as long as you are logged in, any time any information such as e-mail address or zip code would need to be manually typed in, we have supplied it automatically for you.
       When deciding what contact information to reveal while selling items, simply click the corresponding boxes instead of fully typing out the details every time..
       If you have filled out "Phone Number" and "AIM Screenname," just choose which to reveal when a buyer unlocks that particular item and it will be automatically supplied upon unlocking.

  The second use for Profiles is to see who has unlocked personal information on items you are selling:

   Once a buyer unlocks your post, you can now view their Profile with their contact information since they can see yours.

      This is useful in a few different ways:

    If you lose the buyer's contact information in the negotiation somehow, you can always return to their Profile to recontact them
     If you refuse early offers on your item, but later decide you want to accept a previous offer, you can easily contact such buyers
    Finally, Profiles are a chance to network.
      Feel free to contact a buyer based on the "Interests" they express in their Profile, to gain more subject knowledge or get to know that person better.

How do I view someone else's Profile?
There are only two ways to view someone else's Profile.

  1)  They personally share their Profile link with you; or
  2) They unlocked one of your post/you unlock one of their posts.
      Click on the "Items I'm Selling" button from the HeadQuarters. This shows all the items you are selling, how many times users have viewed your item and the amount of times users have unlocked your posts. The "Times Unlocked" is linked to another page which shows the Usernames of all users who have unlocked that posting. From there, each Username is linked to their Profile.
      Or click the Items I've Unlocked button, click the item for the seller whose profile you wish to view, and click "View Profile" on the right side.

How do I edit my Profile?
To update, add or change Profile information, click the "Manage Profile" button from the HeadQuarters, make any changes and hit "Update Profile."

Who can see my Profile?
The only parties that can see your Profile are sellers whom you have unlocked a posting of, Tagsaler administrators and those who you choose to give your Profile link to.

What is the best way to find an item?
That depends on what you're trying to do:

     If you are looking for a very specific item, it is best to use the keyword search. This keyword search is at the top of the page in the header or in the HeadQuarters - (Search By Keyword button). This search returns any item titles or subcategories within the main category you selected on the drag-down bar that match your keywords.

     On the other hand, if you are casually browsing, it is best to click the "Buy" button at the top & bottom of every page.
Using this method, you will see all available categories throughout your search. This is helpful for an undecided buyer who just wants to generally browse the merchandise.

Do I need to be logged in to Search?
No. Searching will always be available to anyone, anytime, at no cost.

I found an item I want to buy - How do I contact the seller?
Once finding an item you're interested in, click the "Unlock For 1 " button from the posting page.
       You must have at least one Token available to unlock an item.

  Note: There is a good chance that you unlock the item for free, or even win additional Tokens!

  After using a Token to unlock the post, scroll towards the bottom of the page.
   The contact information - once hidden - is now permanently revealed to you.
  For convenience purposes, you can send them an e-mail, from your e-mail address, directly to their e-mail address using the e-mail box and Launching the E-mail or choose any other method to contact them and negotiate the perfect deal..

    There are several things to know about Selling items:

   First, we ask you to review Tagsaler's Posting Policy to learn the full limits on what is allowed to be sold, pictures allowed to be used, and words, symbols or phrases prohibited from any description.
   Since Tokens are required to view Seller's contact information, the Seller is obviously not allowed to supply contact information in the Picture, Title or Description when creating a post.

        Note: Any Seller caught doing this will be suspended indefinitely. (We don't want this, so please don't do it)

  * The option to sell items is at the top and bottom of every page *


What is the Description part of "Description/Shipping"?
The Description is for the Seller to describe only key properties of the item(s).

What exactly can I include in my Description?
Any Description of the Item can be given in this area.
      Contact information is prohibited: No e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, screennames, websites etc. (See our Posting Policy)
      This description is limited in length, so choose your words carefully to encourage contact from Buyers for more information.

What is the Shipping part of "Description/Shipping"?
Supply a quick blurb about your shipping preference concerning this item.

    Examples: "Buyer pays all shipping costs," "I will split the shipping costs with the buyer," "I will handle all shipping costs," "To be determined in negotiation," "The shipping cost for the item is $4.50 and will be a factor in negotiation," or "Will not ship internationally."

    Again, there is a word limit, so choose your words carefully.

Can my contact information be included as a Shipping description?

What can be included in the picture?
Whatever you are selling! (Do not hide contact information)

How large can my picture be?
150KB - under 400 X 400 pixels should be fine.

Why do we only get one picture?
Tagsaler is just a venue to attract potential buyers and find things you are interested in.
       Therefore, choose the picture that best represents the whole post.
      If you have more pictures, put that in your Description to encourage contact from the Buyer.

How do I make my picture fit under 150kb?
There are several ways you can shrink a picture:

  1) Try running a websearch for the image that best portrays what you are selling. The best way to find your perfect image is to visit Google Image Search. You can also get there by visiting and clicking on the "Images" tab to run a websearch for images only. Then, right click the picture and save it to a place where you can easily retrieve it. These clip art images should all be way under 150kb - you can see the size on the search result underneath the thumbnail.
  2) Lower the quality of the picture directly on your digital camera or scanner before snapping the photo or scanning source.
  3) Use an Image Editing program to crop and resize the picture.
    Adobe Photoshop is among the best options available. Just go to "Image" on the top toolbar and then "Image Size."
    Then change the pixels to around 400 height X 400 width. That is more than large enough and well under 150kb.

        If you don't have Photoshop, there is another easy solution:
    Go to and download the program, IrfanView.
     IT'S FREE and can be used to easily resize images to under 150kb - or resave corrupted images.
    Once IrfanView is downloaded and installed, run it, open your .gif or .jpg image, resize it to under 150kb and resave it in another name (example: in IrfanView, open original file named "pic01.jpg", resize it to under 150kb and resave it as "pic01b.jpg" or something).
     Then, simply return to Tagsaler and upload your newly saved image - Voila!

            Happy selling!

What are (Tagsaler) Tokens??
Tokens () are Tagsaler's virtual currency.

What can you do with s?
Right now there are two options to spend your s:

  s allow you to unlock seller's contact information for a post that interests you.
     Unlock any post for one .
      Once one post is unlocked, you can spend four s to gain access to that seller's entire current inventory.
       That user's entire inventory will display in your "Items I've Unlocked" page so you can easily see what that seller has to offer and complete a blockbuster deal.
   You can also invest s to increase your posting capacity - allowing you to post more items at one time.

Where can I get s?
You must earn them by being an active or popular Tagsaler.

      To begin, everyone earns one just by verifying his or her e-mail address.
    After verifying, we urge you to familiarize yourself with the "Incentivitory" to see all the other ways to earn Free s - such as "Refer-a-Friend" or "Fun With Feedback."

Can I transfer my s to another user or account?
Not until we find a good reason.

Can I sell my s back to Tagsaler?
Why would you want to??

Do s ever expire?

Will there ever be more uses for s?
Definitely, as the site develops, so do the options! Support us and see!

  To enter the Token Trading Post, click the "Increase Posting Capacity" or "Buy Tokens" button from the HeadQuarters.
  * There is also a "Buy Tokens" button on the bottom of every page.

What is the Token Trading Post?
This is a menu of what Buyers and Sellers can do with their tokens.

What do I need Tokens for?
There are only two options to spend Tokens right now:

  1)  Tokens increase posting capacity
  2) Tokens unlock seller's contact information

How many Tokens does it take to increase posting capacity?
There are three options to increase your posting capacity:

  1)  1 Token adds 2 more items to your Posting Capacity
  2) 2 Tokens add 5 more items to your Posting Capactiy
  3) 3 Tokens add 10 more items to your Posting Capacity

    To purchase more posting capacity, go to the Token Trading Post and click the corresponding radio button for the option you want and then tap the adjacent Green Plus Sign.
    Tagsaler will instantly deduct the appropriate amount of your Tokens and apply your extra capacity.

How many Tokens is it to unlock a post?
All individual posts cost one Token to unlock.
   However, after unlocking a post, you permanently have the opportunity to view the rest of their current selling inventory for 5 Tokens.

  * You will not gain free access to any additional items that seller posts in the future
        The amount of items they are posting is displayed on any of their item's pages.

What is "unlocking"?
This is a main reason Tagsaler is so unique. Every item posting is informational, organized and rich.
        Included in the post is the "Contact Information User Has Provided."
   In order to see the specifics of that contact information, the post must be "unlocked."

        Example: A locked post will display: "Mark has provided: E-mail, Phone Number, AIM Name."
  Once unlocked, the post will reveal exactly what Mark's e-mail address, phone number and AIM Name are and supply a contact form allowing you to contact the seller directly from Tagsaler.

I found an item I want to buy, how do I contact the seller?
After finding an item you're interested in, click the "Unlock For 1 " button from the posting page..
      You must have at least one Token available to unlock an item.

  Note: There is also a good chance that you unlock the item for free, or even win additional Tokens!

  After using a to unlock the post, scroll down.
   The contact information -once hidden - is now revealed to you.

How long does a post I unlock remain unlocked?
Until the seller sells his item and deletes the post.

Is there an easy way for me to see which posts I have unlocked without searching for it from scratch?
As a matter of fact, Yes!
    From the HeadQuarters, click the "Items I've Unlocked" button to view an organized detail of all the items you've unlocked that are still available.
  This can be helpful later that day after doing some product research or the next day or in two weeks if you can't finalize a deal right away.
    It's especially helpful, because this is a log of only the postings that most interest you.
  Click the "Picture" or "Title" of any posting to review the full post and see the contact information they supplied.

Do sellers know when buyers unlock items?
Yes. Sellers can tap the "Items I'm Selling" button located in the HeadQuarters to see the number of times their items have been viewed or unlocked and view the profile of any Tagsalers who have unlocked their items.
      If anyone has unlocked a seller's item, that seller can click the "# of times unlocked" number to load a list of users who have unlocked that item.
       From here, the seller can click on a username to see that user's profile.


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