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Tagsaler's Posting Policy

This policy describes the rules for creating postings on
We hope it means your respect and success!

  Proper Category Posting

  Items must be posted in the appropriate category.  Duplicate postings of an item in the same category is forbidden!!


  Tagsaler does not allow the use of profanity. This includes the use of language that is racist, hateful, sexual, or obscene. This policy extends to text within postings, on Profile pages or elsewhere. Postings that contain profanity will be removed and the subject may be liable for indefinite suspension.


  Prohibited items

  The following items (with listed exceptions) are prohibited from being sold or advertised on

   › Batteries (unless allowed to be sold pursuant to all applicable federal, state and local laws)
   Catalogues (unless listed for sale in Wholesale Lists, Catalogues and Product Information category)
   › Contracts and Tickets (unless allowed to be sold pursuant to all applicable federal, state, and local laws)
   Counterfeit Items  (unless explicitly noted as counterfeit and applicable to federal, state and local laws)
   › Credit Cards
   › Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia
   › Embargoed Goods and Goods from Prohibited Countries
  Firearms (as defined from time to time by the B.A.T.F.)
   › Fireworks
  Food (other than packaged food meeting all applicable federal, state and local guidelines)
   › Government IDs and Licenses
   › Hazardous Materials
   › Human Parts and Remains
   › Lottery Tickets
  Mailing Lists and Personal Information
   › Obscene Pornographic Material (no children, animals or gore)
   Plants and Seeds
   Police-Related Items (other than items historical in nature, authorized genuine souvenir items and clearly unofficial items)
   Postage Meters
   Recalled Items (unless explicitly noted as being a Recalled Item)
   Satellite and Cable TV De-scramblers
   Stocks and Other Securities
   Stolen Property
   Miscellaneous: (i) Goods which do not actually exist, (ii) Any good that infringes or violates anyone's rights, (iii) Any item which in Tagsaler's sole discretion is derogatory, offensive or obtrusive (iv) Any messages, data or images that might be considered by a reasonable person to be obscene or which contain racial, ethnic, religious slurs or derogatory epithets, or advocating violence, hate or other language that is widely offensive.

  Note: Tagsaler may inform authorities of any User learned to be selling or buying any of the above. These rulebreakers may potentially be prosecuted with or without notice


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